Saturday, December 22, 2012

Komodo Eats Komodo

It just like a man betrays his friend. Not good enough to hear. But, this is life.. Everything is possible. Even in the jungle. I found that moment while trekking in Rinca Island, one of the big population of Komodo. One komodo ate the other Komodo. There is rule in the jungle. One who have more power, he is the winner. Its a wild life.
A group of Komodo. Taken by Udin
We see so many komodo lay down on the ground. After walking about 15 minutes, we saw the great moment that so rare to happened. The rangers said they also never see this kind of moment as long as they become a ranger. What is the epic moment actually? We just saw a komodo walked toward us. Its female. She slowly stop and we just realize that there was another komodo there. But the komodo was dead. That’s the reason why we smell something like a corpse. A ranger said that dead Komodo dead may be because she was injured while against her victim. She was blind. She has suffered in a few weeks and didn’t have any power, the she died. The other komodos ate her. The komodo eats everything which has a meat. They eat a wild pig, water buffalos, deers, the wild ox of Java, or even komodo itself. They never eat the bones because the process of the food is so fast. Hap! Komodo bites the meat and suddenly it is in their stomach, without chew it. After that, they didn’t eat for three months.
Komodo Nest
Komodo has a long enough time gap to eat because the food secretion process take much time. So that, they don’t eat a bone. They leave the main bones of their victim, but some of them, the little one, were ate and become a white dust on their feces. It colors white because it contains of calcium.
Komodo has easy way to kill their prey.

They just bite a part of the body then leave it. After three days, the poison of their poison will be spread. Its from Komodo’s tongue which has Lesteria bacteria. A 3 meters Komodo has 90 kg weight. It can eat 80% meat of its body. A female Komodo is rare than the male, it makes the males fight each other to get the female on April-Septmber, a Komodo’s wedding season. The woman keeps their eggs up to nine months without leaving their nest. The fact is, after the egg opened and the baby come to the world, they will crawl to the trees. If they don’t do it, the mother will eat it and it will happen again, Komodo eats Komodo.
This is a wild life, man!!
An Epic Moment. Komodo eats the other komodo. Taken by Udin
The main predator of little komodo are hawks and the other komodo. A big Komodo can jump into you up to 50 cm from the ground. But they have a good smell. They can smell something fishy for 5 Km. Due to they eat each other, their population is stagnant. Their number increase only 5-6 per year and not more than 10 Komodo. Based on the observation three years ago, Komodo had spread to four Island in Komodo National Park. Rinca Island and Komodo Island are the biggest population among four island. Rinca has 1336 Komodo and Komodo island has 1227. The rest are in Gili Motang island and Nusa kode which number is around 60 komodo. We all hope Komodo National Park will be long lasting and Komodo will always be a unique species and can attract people to visit Flores, Indonesia. 

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