Monday, December 24, 2012

Some Places You Have to Visit in Surabaya

Most people complain about how "hot" the weather is, I keep calm with that. I don't care.. I still live in Surabaya. Hey..Wait, this is Surabaya, it will sounds strange if you say Surabaya is cool. I growth in Surabaya. I love my city. Even in this 24 years, I still don't remember the whole name of the streets, at least I know some places that you must visit and take a photo in it.

1. The icon of Surabaya
Suro and Boyo sculpture
It is located on Wonokromo Street. In front of Surabaya Zoo. About 4Km after entering Surabaya gate. The sculpture describes Surabaya Legend. It is Suro and Boyo fish which fought each other.

2. Surabaya Zoo
In front of the Zoo
Surabaya Zoo was become a biggest zoo in south east Asia long time ago. From year to year, it didnt show the improvement. It worst. But still, the kids still love the zoo. Sometimes we have a picnic there. We still hope the animal are treated well and the facilities will be better.
Yeay! We did picnic in a zoo!
Looking for the real one? Just go visit the zoo :)
3. Surabaya TIC (Tourism Information Centre) and Balai Pemuda
Surabaya TIC in Balai Pemuda
Its better to go there first before you go anywhere. They will help you to show the destination, how to get there and about the history of Surabaya. The reason why it is called Balai Pemuda is the location itself is on Jalan Pemuda. Beside, the building have been used by the youth to show their talent, most of them are about art. Balai Pemuda is an old building in Surabaya. It is a part of the history. In the colonial era, this place was a place where the dutch colony dance and got a party. The animal and native was no admittance to get in here.
a small monument that show the rule in colonial era
Animal and native are not permitted.
the tourism map from Balai Pemuda
4. Balai Kota Surabaya
Not far from Balai Pemuda, you will see Balai Kota. The government office of Surabaya. We also call it as Taman Surya. Along this way you also see a lot of colonial houses.
Balai Kota Surabaya
You also can reach Balai Kota from Balai Pemuda by foot :)
 5. Submarine Monument (Monumen Kapal Selam)
From Balai Kota, you can go to Submarine monument through Ketabang kali street. While you pass this street, you will see the park and a big Ship behind it. It is the monument. It takes only 5 minutes from Balai Kota to this place. Hmm, just pay 5 thousands rupiah to feel the experience of the submarine.
A view from Ketabang Kali. Kali is a river in javanese. See, there is a river along the way.
Sorry, I can't capture the big of Ship because of my fixed lens :D
The gate of Submarine monument
 6. Heroes Monument
Iyeeeeeeaaayyy!! You can jump in front of the monument!
It is a must destination when you visit Surabaya. If Jakarta has Monas, we have Heroes Monument, a monument that become a symbol of November 10th 1945 tragedy. There is a museum in it. You can see many diorama of Surabaya history. Pay 2.500 IDR to get in there. The museum and the monument are open daily on 8 am to 4 pm.
Entering the area, you will found this statue first
"Freedom or Die!!!" Bung Tomo said while November 10th war.
7. Red Bridge (Jembatan Merah)
The location of the bridge is on old Surabaya area. Industry area. Its called Red Bridge because on that bridge there was a big war on November 10th 1945 and a lot of blood in it. Walk around there, you will see a beautiful architecture colonial.
Jembatan Merah on Kembang Jepun street
A view from Jembatan Merah, a chinese town.
8. Kembang Jepun, Chinese Town
Its known as Kya-kya. A few years ago every night in this street became a food street area. Basicly, this is an industry area, and many chinese live here.
The Gate of Kya-Kya
one of Jawa Pos office beside the Kya-kya gate
9. Ampel, an Arabic town and religion tourism area
Sunan Ampel gate
Enjoy the blocks of Ampel. Get lost for a while in it. See the people, the houses, the shops and feel it.
Don't forget to try the foods. They have some special food such as Roti Maryam, Nasi Kebuli, Kambing Oven, teh tarik, and many more.

10. House of Sampoerna
Sampoerna is the name of a success family in Surabaya. They have some big cigarette company in Indonesia. In Surabaya, they has a suboffice which is located about 400 meters before Jembatan Merah. They has a program for the tourists to get around Surabaya. They name it Surabaya Heritage Track. You just book it by phone before the day you will visit. Its free. Every tour take 1,5 hours. After that, you can sight seeing into the museum.
Surabaya Heritage Track Bus
Hey, they have an Indonesia map in museum
You are permitted to take a picture in it :)
11. Grahadi, a Governor Office
Not every person can enter this place. It is restricted. Only invited people can explore this place. There is a ceremonial in every 17th of the month, to celebrate our freedom which is on August 17th. Across this building is a Gubernur Suryo Park, the first governor of East Java. We also call it as Taman Apsari. This office is located about 50 meters before Balai Pemuda.
Grahadi on Night
Gubernur Suryo statue and his speech
an old post office beside Apsari park.
12. Kenjeran Park is far from the center of town. But once you go and take photos in it, you wont believe that it is in Surabaya.
Pagoda Matahari
Love the door
The four faces budha
One of four elephants which keep the Budha

Yin and Yang in Sanggar Agung

14. Suramadu Bridge
A beautiful bridge which connecting Surabaya and Madura Island without a voyage. Read my story here

15. Jalasveva Jayamahe
Jalasveva Jayamahe Statue
Dewa Ruci Ship
You can enter freely when they do an open house or celebrating something.
There are still many places that I didnt mention in this post. I will complete it soon.

The last but not least.. Do not forget to have culinary trip in Surabaya. See my review about some of them on Eat and Fat label or contact me directly.

Enjoy Surabaya :)