Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Malaysia National Mosque

When you get the map, there are several iconic places in it. Market, Department Store, Museum, Airport, Terminal, Big Church and Mosque are easy to find. So does Malaysia National Mosque, its easy to find.
a unique roof of Malay National Mosque
Actually that was not our main destination that day, we just wanna go to Botanical Garden. But when we see the map, the way to Botanical garden is leading us to some museums and other iconic building. We reach Malaysia National Mosque by foot. From our hotel in China Town, we go to Maydin supermarket where we found a lot of cheap things.

Malaysia National Mosque is about 3-4Km from Pasar Seni LRT station. Just walk trough the bridge and follow the sign to Taman Perdana. We also can see the unique form of the mosque's roof when we pass the bridge. It is colored green and has a minaret beside. There is no a dome for the roof. The design is really modern.
The yard is really wide, the kids can play in a playground and others do sightseeing around the mosque. We also can enjoy the snacks in a box car which parked in front of the yard.  many fries steamboat, rujak, and drinks that will make you drooling.
a box car that sells various snacks
you can do some exercise in a playground
Its a big mosque with a big yard and open for anyone, even non-moslem. But they have some rules to get into the mosque for the visitors who don't use a hijab and the non-moslem visitors. People who don't use hijab or the proper dress (as muslimah) must use an Arabic garments (Jubah). And there is visiting hours for non-moslem tourist.
Visiting Hours for Non Muslim
Awas Pencuri Kasut!! :D
The purple garments for visitor with no hijab
We can take a rest in the yard
I love the interior, unfortunately we can't take a photo in the mosque and they have some guard to watch what the visitor's do. These are some interior photos that i can took without anybody knowing :p But still, i can't take the main room which has a cool design.
 Staying in a mosque is always gives me a calm and quiet atmosphere. Don't you?

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