Author of "Rumah adalah di mana pun" by Grasindo Maret 2014 with 18 other woman travellers

 November 2012. Become a part of Indonesia Travellers 20 selected agents by The Indonesia Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy. One of five bloggers.
These are my notes about Indonesia Travellers

June 2012. One of 57 selected international participants in Ijen Festival "Language and Culture Exchange"

August 2012. Giving a sharing speech to the Indonesian Women Workers in Hongkong.

 February 2013. Become one of professional volunteers of Kelas Inspirasi 2013
photo edited by @iqbal_kautsar
May 2013. One of Ten Bloggers of Nutrition Hunter by Sari Husada Corp. Read more here
a photo by Fani

November 11th 2013. Back to be an inspirator in Kelas Inspirasi. This time I join to be a teacher in Kelas Inspirasi Malang

Mehdia and Media

Jawa Pos, Metropolis 2013
Atas. Bersama teman-teman Backpacker Indonesia dalam Metropolis Jawa Pos Maret 2013
Jawa Pos For Her June 2012
Jawa Pos For Her January 2012
Detik Travel, Februari 2012

Backpackin Magazine 2012
Backpackin Magazine 2012
Backapackin Magazine 2012

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